Getting my -geese- in a row…

Kevin J Sabo photo

I am definitely bouncing back.

After taking it easy Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, Wednesday had me back in the office covering several of my council meetings for the paper, and otherwise get back to work.

The only down side to everything going on is that it is making it busy for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as I attempt to catch up.

Still, I’m not complaining. I’m happy to still be able to work given everything that is going on in the world.

I’m equally happy that I’m getting my mojo back. I went out taking pictures on Tuesday for the the first time in I don’t know how long, and I’ve been working on my creative writing project. Something else I’m getting into is the planning and writing of my own YouTube videos, in addition to the video work for my church.

Kevin J Sabo photo

After talking to Lynn about a sale Adobe was holding around Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday, I ended up upgrading my Adobe subscription to include several other of the Adobe applications, including Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustrator. I ended up editing my first video with Premiere Pro today, and I am blown away by it’s features and usability. It took me way longer to do the church video than it should have, because it’s necessitated a change in my workflow; however, as I get better my speed is going to improve.

The differences between iMovie, which I was doing my videos on, and Premiere Pro are drastic. I liken iMovie to that of being a sharp rock, where Premiere Pro is a fine scalpel. Both can be effective at their jobs, yet I know which one I prefer if I needed surgery.

Aside from filming B’s devotional today, I also ended up attending a virtual webinar on academic integrity put on by Athabasca University, did a webinar on graphic design, and had an appointment with MH, which was a very good appointment.

Kevin J Sabo photo.

We discussed what it looks like when I take too much on, and what I can do to keep myself from getting burnt out. She agreed with Lynn that I may have just been getting run down with everything that I’ve had going on; yet, she did agree as well that I am doing more things to look after myself, such as watching television with Lynn, exercising, and making sure I get my sleep. We’ve agreed to meet -virtually- one more time this year, on Dec. 31, before easing back on appointments to every four weeks instead of every three. We just wanted to get through the insanity of the holiday season before doing that.

Despite being busy, I am maintaining a tempo that I haven’t maintained since I worked ambulance, so many years ago. The thing is, I’m still able to maintain some separation between work and everything else. While still not perfect, I’m definitely doing better as far as work-life balance goes. I’m proud of the progress I have made.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. I have an interview in the morning, then I have to get started on writing some stories. Saturday is going to be more of the same, plus running errands, with the goal of getting things done so I can take Sunday as a full recovery day.

Next week, aside from a couple of work functions, my goal is to get a video drafted, and start work on my next assignment for my university course.


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