Some days…

It’s safe to say that today did not go as planned.

First off, I was grouchy pretty much from the time I woke up. That was followed by Lynn saying she wasn’t feeling well and asking me to go down and cover the store, for at least part of the day.

I did, but I was angry. Perhaps angrier than I should have been. I was frustrated, especially since I had a clear day and had zero plans aside from getting a workout in and doing some reading for school.

I did take my book with me down to the store, but to be honest, I was so pissed off that I really didn’t retain anything. Lynn did get feeling better later in the day, but the disrupted day did kind of throw me off all day.

Still, when I got home I headed downstairs and did get my workout in which helped cool me off. Lynn could tell that I was still upset when she came down to the store. I owned it, admitting I was, but also saying I would get over it.

The thing is, I know Lynn struggles, and she can’t help it when she’s not feeling good. I am not unsympathetic. However, it’s just like some days I am in better temper than others. Today, unfortunately, both her not feeling well and my grouchy-ass mood converged. Not her fault, not my fault, it just is.

Like I said, after I got my workout in I cooled off significantly. To try and salvage the rest of my day off, Lynn picked up takeout from a local restaurant after she finished at the store, and after I got some gaming in we curled up on the couch together and watched some television.

I do have a meeting to cover for work tomorrow morning, but the rest of my plans for the day got derailed -thanks Covid- so I will have some time tomorrow afternoon to unwind as well.

This week isn’t shaping up to be as busy as last week was, but still, with the exception of Saturday I have something or other going on every day. I just need to make sure to take advantage of the downtime when I get it. Hopefully tomorrow my mood isn’t as bad as it was this morning when I got up, and hopefully Lynn is feeling a bit better as well.


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