Holding steady…

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

The weekend hasn’t been overly busy, but it has been steady.

Saturday, I spent most of the day studying, working on my 20th Century History course. It’s been feeling good getting back into the swing of things. I also picked up my new office chair on Saturday, and I absolutely love it.

Today, Lynn and I had church this morning, and instead of going out for lunch we grabbed takeout, and ate at home. I really was just not feeling people today, and much preferred just heading home. This afternoon, after we finished eating, I was back in the office working on an article for work.

After I finished in the office, Lynn and I tackled the disaster area known as our kitchen, and then I made supper for us. After supper, I was back in the office catching up on some office work for my photography business.

The ankle is still tender, but it is slowly healing. I was hoping to get back into my workout regime tomorrow, but with the discomfort still in the foot I think I’m going to give it another day, maybe two. I’d rather not push the return and end up right back at square one.

There is one benefit of being out commission as far as my ankle goes. Since I’m not getting up early to work out, I’ve been letting myself sleep in, and I am feeling fairly rested as a result.

Mentally, the rest has been helping, and I’m feeling pretty good. My moods have been fairly stable, and though my schedule has been busy, I’m not feeling overly stressed by things. I’m feeling like things are at a manageable pace, and I’m happy for it.

The upcoming week is going to be somewhat slower than the last couple of weeks. I have some studying and photography things to finish up, as well as a road trip in to Stettler on Tuesday, then a couple of appointments on Wednesday and Thursday, so it will be a good week to continue recharging.


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