To sum up today, it didn’t go as planned.

I met B this morning to film his weekly devotional. With me being away until today he was going to film it himself on his phone, but since I was home I offered to do it. We got it done in good time, and I went to work editing on it.

For the editing, I went down to the store and spent some time with the new staff member we have who was working while Lynn was at the church. She ended up having something come up with one of her kids and I ended up going back to cover the last couple hours of the day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up getting any studying or writing work done, but in addition to getting the video shot I did start going through some photos that I’ve shot over the last couple years. I need to cull them down to 12 or 13 of my best ones for some calendars I’m planning on getting printed in the two to three weeks. I’m hoping to have them available for the November Farmer’s Market, as well as having them available at a couple of local retailers in the area.

After I closed the store I headed home and made supper for Lynn and I, then vegged on the couch watching television for an hour. After supper settled I went downstairs onto the treadmill for half an hour before settling into the office for a bit.

With this last admission I did get some bad news, both my weight and blood sugars have begun to climb a bit. I need to get focused on my fitness again, because my physical health does directly impact my mental health. The workout tonight was just bad. I’ve definitely lost some conditioning over the last few weeks. It’s frustrating, because I know I’ve been over this ground before. Still, there’s nothing I can do except dig in and start putting in the work. I’ve also started tracking my calories and water again, just to keep myself honest.

Mentally, I’m feeling a lot better than I was a week ago. My mind feels sharper and more focused. I just need to get back into a somewhat balanced routine, focusing on all areas of my health and wellness without burning myself out. I feel that I am the closest to that point than ever before.

The hospital helps give me a chance to recharge, but that is something I need to start figuring out of hospital. I doubt this was my last admission, but based on the successes of this admission I feel that I am close to being able to put the centre in the rearview mirror for the last time.

Tomorrow is going to be a light day. I’m planning to get some work and maybe some studying done, and other than that tomorrow is more or less a recovery day, letting my brain catch up with the events of the past week.


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