An intentionally quiet Sunday…

Today was a bit better than yesterday, but I am still not in a great headspace.

I’m feeling tired and unfocused. The self-harm urges are in check, but still a hell of a lot more prevalent than I would like. I’m glad I have an appointment with the therapist tomorrow.

Based on how that appointment goes, I’ll make a decision on calling Dr. M afterward. I hate to, and it feels like a failure, but it’s why I have the plan in place. I’m hoping early enough intervention will get this from getting too far out of hand.

I’m glad that today was a fairly laid back day. We had church first thing this morning, then we joined another couple for lunch at our only restaurant that is open for dine in, which was nice.

After we got home I did some chores, tidying up the kitchen and doing some laundry. After chores, I grabbed my camera bag and B and I headed out to Bulwark to shoot some pictures and video. I got a few good shots, and some decent clips of b-roll for a video I am working on.

We only went out for a little better than an hour because B had a supper invite.

Tonight I made supper then watched a few episodes of the old television series “Charmed” with Lynn.

Aside from the bit I grabbed the camera and went out, I intentionally did what I could to stay away from work related activities or school reading, though I’m probably going to pick up a historical novel I’ve been reading for school. I need to do a paper on it and another novel about World War One for my first assignment. I’ll probably end up doing a book review on the novel I’m reading because it is really good, and discusses life in the trenches of the First World War.

Tomorrow I have my appointment in the morning, then a photoshoot for some friends tomorrow evening around supper time out in the county. I’m looking forward to it.

Other than that, tomorrow is pretty low key. I need to start my next unit in my history course, and I have some ideas I am kicking around for a column, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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