Catching up…

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last updated my blog.

It’s been a busy week. I ended up covering the bookstore for three days last week, one of which was planned, and then on Friday took off for a guys weekend with my friend C.

I’m definitely feeling relaxed after my time away, though I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. It doesn’t help matters any that the weekend, Friday started with me already at a sleep deficit, thanks to an early morning filming session with B, filming a sunrise devotional for our church Facebook page.

We met up my buddy’s cousin, brother, and a couple others at a campground a couple hours north of home. After we got camp set up, we played some camp games, and drank. I didn’t let myself go too overboard, but I definitely drank more than I have in quite some time. Still, it was relaxing, though C did get a little carried away…

The Saturday, four of our crew went fishing while C and I hung at camp around the fire. We played some more games and did a bit more drinking Saturday afternoon and evening after the others made it back. Still we didn’t get quite as rambunctious as we did Friday night.

By Sunday morning our group dropped to three: C, his cousin, and me. Everyone else had to take off for various reasons. It felt like all we did was eat on Sunday: we made a good breakfast of bacon, eggs and hash browns Sunday morning, then wings and ribs for a snack, and then C’s cousin’s wife and kids came out for a couple hours, and brought pizza with them for us. Part of Sunday, C, his cousin and I also hopped on the boat and went fishing. Well….they fished, I took photos and video of our escapades.

We had to be clear of the campsite by 1pm this afternoon, but with the chill that had settled in over our area we decided to pack up and head home a couple hours early.

My plan for the video and photos I took of the weekend is edit them into a short film that I can send to everyone…or upload to YouTube….

In short, I had a blast this weekend, and am definitely feeling better for it. However, being back in the real world, things are getting busier again. I have an event to cover tomorrow afternoon for the paper about suicide awareness, and as usual there is the ever present school work to do. Still, I definitely intend to find a balance going forward.


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