Transition period…

Today, I closed a chapter on my schooling: I wrote the final exam for my introductory composition course.

I think the exam when well. At least I’m feeling pretty good about it.

The exam consisted of a full essay, three other paragraphs, and 20 multiple choice questions focusing on the 15 common mistakes in composition. I had three hours to write the exam, but only ended up using just under two and a half. I could have spent more time reviewing and editing, however I felt that if I made too many changes I would just succeed in over-editing things.

I should have the results back within a week, and I do have the opportunity to rewrite if it’s needed, but I honestly don’t feel that a rewrite is going to be required.

I worked hard on my studies over the last few months, and I think that the work I did will carry me through.

I’m feeling relieved to have the exam done, though to be honest I wasn’t feeling anywhere near as stressed as I was for my last exam. I got a good sleep the night before, allowed myself to sleep in, and felt a confidence that I’m not used too going into the exam. I just hope that it wasn’t over confidence. I don’t think it was, but time will tell.

The exam today capped off a busy few days. Thankfully the next couple days are going to be a little more quiet. I still have things that I need to get done, but nothing is going to have quite the same pressure.

To celebrate the conclusion of my course, Lynn ordered Chinese food for us, and we watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights, a comedy from the nineties. It’s one I’m surprised I haven’t seen before, and I definitely enjoyed.

Unwinding after the exam felt good, however I can’t rest too long. I still have my photography and Photoshop courses to work on and a couple stories to write for the paper over the next couple days. I also need to start gearing up for my next university level course, which officially kicks off on Sept. 1, but which I already have access to. Still having a couple of days that are a little slower paced sound like a good thing.

It’ll be nice to be able to work on things at a little slower pace. About all I do have to do for sure tomorrow is run to Alliance for pet food. I think I’m going to let myself sleep in again, take the day more or less easy, and then jump back into things in earnest on Friday. At least, that’s the plan.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings,


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