Essay completed!!!

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My final assignment for my Introductory Composition course is finished, edited, and submitted for marking.

With that done, I have just over two weeks to study before I write my final exam on August 26th, which I am equal parts excited and nervous about.

Seriously, if someone had told me three years ago that I would be on the verge of completing my second university course while approaching the one year anniversary of my last hospital admission, I sincerely would have that they were nuts. Yet, here I am.

Mentally, I think I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in in years. I’m sleeping well, my anxiety is under control, and my self-confidence has grown. I have a lot to be proud of.

Physically, well, that’s still a work in progress. I did end up taking today as a recovery day. I just felt like I needed to let my body rest and recover for a day. Tomorrow is a new day though, and I aim to pick up again tomorrow, or maybe Monday, with a strength training day.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty laid back day. I ran down to Hanna for an errand this morning, and aside from that I worked on schoolwork and watched a few episodes of “Castle” season seven with Lynn.

Tomorrow, Lynn and I celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. The last twelve years have been full of trials and tribulations, and I am blessed to have had this wonderful, beautiful, woman by my side through thick and thin. I am grateful for her everyday, and I look forward to many more years with her, albeit hopefully with significantly less drama and mental health struggles.


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