Steadily moving forward…

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I’m definitely feeling some fatigue tonight, but then again it’s been a busy day.

I was up and out early this morning, because I had a table at the Castor Farmer’s market with my photography. The market was pretty quiet, but still not bad. I sold three of my prints that I had available.

After the market I headed over to the drug store to meet up with the owner. He’s agreed to sell my prints at his store, commission free. I was blown away at that last part, and am definitely grateful for the opportunity.

When I got home, I headed down into the gym and did two miles on the treadmill for a cardio workout. I was expecting myself to be more sore after my workout yesterday since I upped my weights on some of my exercises. My shoulder has been a little tight and sore today, but otherwise things haven’t been bugging me, so bonus.

I also had a telephone appointment with Dr. M at the centre today. While he acknowledged my concerns about things heading into the fall, he is happy with the progress I have been making, and actually called my story a “success story.” That said, he was quick to point out that even if I do have a relapse that it’s not a failure, it’s part of the illness I deal with. Overall the appointment went well, and aside from one small tweak to my medication regime, he’s leaving well enough alone, and wants to talk to me again in November or so. He also reiterated that if anything starts going wrong in between now and then he’s just a phone call away.

Having his support, and the support of my family doctor, means a lot too me, and I think it’s because of that support I’ve been able to extend myself the way I have. The day isn’t today, but he said today that he can see a time when I don’t have to see him again, though if I do there is nothing wrong with that. As nervous as that comment makes me, I feel grateful for the support.

After Lynn got home from the store, we loaded up and headed to Halkirk to run an errand for her for GISH. It’s that time of year again. We were going to stop for supper in Halkirk, but they were so busy tonight they were reservation only. As much as it sucks, I’m glad their business is being supported in the community.

Instead of supper in Halkirk, we came back to Castor and had supper at the one restaurant that is currently open. While it was busy in there as well, the meal was good.

With supper finished, we headed home for a bit, then went for a road trip to to complete another GISH task.

Fortunately, tomorrow doesn’t look like it’s going to be as busy. I’m doing my usual filming in the morning, then coming home and working on various projects for the afternoon. I have a Photoshop class to catch up on, process the photos from tonight, and edit and post the video for our church, and there is the ever present essay that I need to get done. Plus there’s always finding time for a workout. At least I’m not bored.


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