Setting SMART goals

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I’ve really got enjoy a relatively laid back day.

First thing this morning I headed up to Alliance for an errand, before coming home and settling into the office for a few hours.

I polished off and submitted a couple of stories for both the Advance and the Independent, before shifting my sights to the photography and Photoshop courses. I have five weeks left of the photography course, and seven left of the Photoshop course.

Both courses have really helped me polish my skills. We are really getting into the nuts and bolts of photoshop now, and I am in absolute awe of what is possible with the program. The trick is going to be making time to practise the skills so that my use of the software becomes intuitive, like my settings for my camera are.

We are at the point in the Photoshop course where we are venturing into some graphic design elements, which is what led me to create that shield that I attached to my last post. The photography course today gave me a few tips on flash-work, but unfortunately the instructor didn’t cover a lot of ground that I didn’t already know. It’s just going to be a matter of putting things into practise.

Speaking of practise, my habit of backing things up to two independent external hard drives saved my butt today. The older of my two hard drives decided to glitch out, locking me from making any changes to it. I ended up having to format it. If I didn’t have things on the two drives I could potentially have lost everything.

The piss off is, that after I formatted it, it’s working fine again. Some days I hate technology. I’m just glad that the entire drive isn’t screwed up. Still, it helps me feel more confident in my having multiple redundancies.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty quiet day. I headed down to my gym after supper, doing just shy of 1.4 miles in thirty minutes on the treadmill, followed by my weight routine. I’ve only been back at the routine for a few days, but I’m already feeling like I’m shaking off some of the rust. Just like the fact that I need to make time for practising my Photoshop skills, my fitness regime is something else I need to make time to do.

I’m already starting to increase my pacing again on the treadmill, and I’m finding less soreness after doing a workout. My body feels looser as well. I know the benefits of the regime are many, I just have to make sure I don’t let myself fall away from it, especially since I spend so much time on the keyboard.

With the routine reestablished, my weight goal is going to be to get myself back down to the 240-250 lbs range by the end of September. That gives me nine weeks, which seems like a reasonable amount of time, because I definitely do not want to dump a bunch of weight at once. A nice steady pound or two week seems reasonable.

I’ve always had a problem setting goals. Or, more correctly, I’ve always had a problem keeping my focus on the goals in front of me. I’m great at setting them, but crappy at execution. I’m hoping by putting my goals out there via my blog, I will be more inclined to keep them going.

Goals are important, but they need to be SMART.

Specific: goals need to be specific. Saying you want to lose thirty pounds, but not giving yourself a timeline to accomplish that goal kind of defeats the point. Saying that you want to lose x much weight in x much time is way more specific.

Measurable: A goal needs to be measurable. Instead of saying “I want to look better” or “I want to lose weight,” make the goal specific. “I want to lose X pounds.”

Attainable: According to the charts, my ideal weight for my height is somewhere in the 180 to 190 pound mark. That said, I’m built like a tank, broad in the shoulders, and pretty densely built. Even my doctor agrees that reaching that weight is completely unrealistic. With my body type, a goal weight of 220 to 230 pounds is way more realistic, and with hard work, attainable.

Relevant: Is your goal relevant? In my case, it definitely is. My goal is to get to a more healthy weight.

Timely: This one kind of ties back to being specific. Set a realistic timeline for how long you have to accomplish the goal.

I’m trying to be smarter with my goals. I just need to keep my focus on them.


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