A bit of good news…

Not a bad day all around, today.

I was up and out early for a meeting this morning, which was long and panful, but part of the job. At least it will give me a couple more articles to write for this week.

After the meeting ended, I stopped at the store to have lunch with Lynn, before heading home and getting the kitchen cleaned up before a telephone appointment with my covering therapist.

Part of me wishes this therapist were staying, because I’m feeling a connection with her. However it’s not to be, she is only covering for the month. I do have one bit of good news though. Because the status of my still new therapist is unknown, and because someone else in the mental health clinic has an opening on their caseload, I’m being assigned someone new, who works full-time and has been there for awhile.

I liked the new therapist I had in May and June, however with her status still being unknown as to when or if she is coming back, I appreciate the thought in putting me with someone more established. With any luck I’ll be able to work with her and get myself established into the biweekly appointments alternating between her and M. I have my introduction appointment with her next week.

After the appointment with the covering therapist, I got into my Photoshop and photography courses. Both of the sessions today were really good. I picked up a few new tricks with Photoshop, that I can’t wait to try, and the photography session today was all about flash. I definitely picked up a few good pointers using the off-camera flash, which I’m also looking forward to trying out.

After my coursework, I made supper for Lynn and I. I was having an off day in the cooking department. I managed to burn both the vegetables and the rice. What can you do? I had my attention diverted between the pots on the stove and the barbecue outside the back door.

We watched another episode of “Castle” with supper, then after things settled I went down to the basement for just an an hour worth of workout. I did 1.27 miles on the treadmill in thirty minutes, and another half an hour of weights and stretching.

I know I’m just wading slowly back into the workout routine, but damn, it’s only been a few days, and I’m already feeling a difference. I’m feeling calmer and more relaxed. I know how good exercise makes me feel, I just wish I didn’t struggle with the motivation to actually do it. Motivation or not, I need to keep this up.

Fortunately, tomorrow is looking like a relative light day. I have some stuff to catch up on at home, as well as a few stories to write for work, but it should be nothing too strenuous. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to fire up the Playstation for a bit, since I haven’t had a chance too for a few days. Also on the agenda for tomorrow is making some headway into my next assignment.


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