I’m feeling accomplished tonight.

It’s been a busy day, but I’m feeling good.

I let myself sleep in a bit this morning, then headed to Stettler to take pictures for the paper at the drag races being held at the airport. I’m fairly happy with some of the shots I took, and am glad I went.

I stuck around the drags taking pictures for around an hour, before heading home to carry on my day. When I got home, I felt like I needed to burn off some energy so did a light workout on the treadmill to blow off some steam.

I ended up doing a light twenty-five minutes on the treadmill, followed by another fifteen minutes of light weights, which felt good. I haven’t done any weight work since before my last injections, and the shoulder tolerated them well.

After a post-workout shower, I headed into the office. I had three classes to catch up in my photography and Photoshop courses. In between I did an interview for an article I’m writing, and started some of the reading for the final module of my university course.

I’m feeling tired, but good. I feel like I was actually accomplishing things today.

Tomorrow will be a more laid back day though. We have church in the morning, and then the afternoon will probably be spent in the office again, processing photos and doing some article writing.


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