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Today was another long day, but I did manage to get some exercise in.

Today was day two of the hearings held in our county related to a proposed wind project.Covering the proceedings was definitely interesting, though I must admit I’m glad it’s not something I cover regularly.

I ended up logging off the call early, as Lynn and I were going for our usual Friday night supper, and to be honest, I was cooked. We enjoyed a nice supper out at the one restaurant in town that is currently open for dine-in service.

After supper I ended up heading outside and finished up cutting the lawn. It felt good to move after two solid days of sitting and listening to hearings. I’m definitely going to be doing a story up on the events of the proceedings, however I am going to wait until the panel releases their written decision in regard to the permits.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I get to go cover the drag races in Stettler put on by the local car club for the local paper. Covering the races will be a nice change of pace after the last couple of days.

Other than that, I have a day worth of classes to catch up on for my Photoshop and photography courses, since I missed them yesterday due to the hearing. I’m hoping I can shoe horn them in sometime over the next couple days.

Aside from the races, I do have another work project to do sometime in the next couple of days. My editor ran out of time to do it before he heads on holidays starting tomorrow. I’ve looked over the gist of the story so far, but need to look into it a bit more. It looks like it could be interesting though.

I’m feeling happy with where I am at. I’m feeling busy, but not overwhelmed. As long as I make sure to back off every so often to give myself a rest I think I’m able to handle the current workload. Between the courses, the blog, and work, it’s varied enough that I won’t get bored, which is a good thing.

Boredom for me is a killer. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true. Me not having enough going on is almost as bad as having too much going on. There’s a fine balance, which is a balance I seem to be finding.

I’m taking the time out to relax. I’m spending time with Lynn. I’m playing my console. I’m allowing myself to rest, mentally and physically.

Because of all that, I’m getting done what needs to get done. I’m working on my courses. I’ve got some work going on. I’m continuing to learn every day. I think I’m pushing myself just the right amount. I’m learning to respond to my triggers when I do push too hard.

I’ve learned a lot over the last couple years, and I feel like I’m starting to thrive; I just have to remember to stay within my limits.


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