I am pumped.

It took a solid three hours of effort, but I finally got my next assignment done. It still needs some editing and revising, however the heavy lifting on the project is done, which means I should be in excellent shape to have it submitted by Friday, which was the goal I was aiming for.

I am definitely feeling lighter now that I have it done. With it done, it leaves me in a great position to write my final assignment and final exam before my August 31 deadline.

With the deadline fast approaching, I am looking toward my next challenge. Considering I have done two English themed courses back to back, I am seriously considering starting on the minor part of my program and starting a history course.

Considering I am doing the Photoshop and photography courses at the same time, I asked Lynn for her input as to whether I should sign up for my next course or give myself an extra month and start the next course for the beginning of October. The answer she gave me kind of surprised me. Her opinion was that I seem to be doing well right now, despite everything that I have going on, and that having something positive to focus could benefit me as I move into what is usually my not-so-good time of year.

She had a point. I started my university program September 1 last year, and even with the couple weeks I spent in hospital last September I progressed well. To be honest, I see no reasons why I can’t do that again, especially considering how much I have grown in the last year.

Despite the lies that my brain tells me, I am doing well. I’m sleeping well. I’m managing a good work/life balance, and I am making forward progress with my goals.

Do I still struggle? Hell yes. Do I have bad days? Yeah. Even as recently as a month ago my thoughts were getting darker and I felt like I was struggling to keep my head above water. Yet despite all that, my forward momentum is undeniable.


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