A great place to be…

I would like to thank everyone for the support with the last post I wrote. It’s definitely a subject matter that hits close to home, and the support means a lot.

Today started off quietly, but things got busy later in the day. I relaxed a bit this morning, playing Fallout 4 for a bit. I then broke down and vacuumed the house, before heading into the office and getting some work done on my assignment.

This afternoon I had my Photoshop and photography courses, where I picked up some neat bits. I’m enjoying those courses, but will be glad when they are done.

After courses, I headed into Stettler to meet my editor for an early supper, then we headed over to the ag. building to take photos at a junior rodeo series that is taking place there over the summer. I’m grateful to be able to shoot some rodeo this year, considering it was announced today that both the rodeo and the town fair have been cancelled for this due to the pandemic.

I think I got some good shots of the events, but I will know better when I start reviewing them. The day has been busy enough that I think that that will be tomorrow’s project.

I got home from Stettler just after eight, and decided to burn off some excess energy by taking Taffy and Rolo for a walk, then considering it was absolutely beautiful outside I got a start on the lawn. I got enough of it done on the one charge today that finishing it tomorrow will be a piece of cake.

I’m feeling good about today. It was busy, but not stressful busy. It helps that I was working on things that I actually enjoy.

Mentally, I feel like I’m in a good place. The couple days I took over the weekend to recharge and recalibrate myself helped, as did the bit of time I took this morning, knowing that I would be busy during the later part of the day. I honestly think that with everything positive I have going on, such as my work and my course work, along with a better balance in my time management, I am probably doing the best that I have in years.

Still, I know that this position is tenuous, and I know what can happen if I don’t remain vigilant. I do feel optimistic though. I feel like I have grown stronger than I thought possible. I know that the path forward is still going to be a challenge, and that bad days are ahead along with the good. I know that the volatility of my emotions is still a concern. However, even with those concerns, with the tools I have now I am in a way better place to deal with them when they arise.

That is a great place to be.


One thought on “A great place to be…

  1. Sounds positive,keep up the good work you’ve got this but always remember to take care of you!👍😍


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