Taking a break…

I have been dragging ass all day.

The fatigue is just killing me today. I’ve had very little motivation to get things done, though the day was still somewhat productive.

I started the morning with an appointment with the kinesiologist to get some core exercises to work on. After that I headed home, and just could not manage to get into gear enough to get much productive done.

After lunch, I went back to the church with Lynn and filmed the weekly devotional with the acting-pastor. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how smoothly filming went this week. We got the shoot done in just over an hour. After that concluded I headed home to edit and upload the video to the church’s Facebook page.

When Lynn finished at the church we headed out to the Halkirk Hotel for Lynn’s birthday supper. We ordered and got our food just in the nick of time, seeing as the power to the community went out just before we got our food. Unfortunately, with the power out we had to nix our dessert plans.

We ended up heading back to Castor, and had dessert at one of the town’s restaurants, which was good, as always.

After dessert we headed home, though I got sidetracked by a gaggle of geese crossing the highway a few hundred feet away from us, so I pulled over, grabbed my camera and started shooting some pics of one of the goose families that lives in town during the summer.

I managed to get a few good shots of these geese. I’m just glad that I had grabbed one of my camera bags before I left the house.

Seeing as I have a couple of decent cameras at my disposal, I’m attempting to get into the habit of grabbing one of them whenever I leave the house, so I can take advantage of opportunities such as this.

As far as productivity goes, I did manage to get a story written, so the day wasn’t a complete loss. I know I need to get some major work on my essay done, and I do have another couple of stories that have dropped in my lap as well. All that being said, with the exception of maybe doing a blog tomorrow night, I’ve decided that I’m going to stay out of the office tomorrow. Even though Lynn’s birthday was today, we are doing a celebration at the store for her tomorrow, and I’ve said I’m going to head down and join her for the day, sans laptop.

I’m tired, and I know I need a break. I need to take a break, before my brain decides to take one anyway. Taking a couple days to rest aren’t going to kill me, and in fact should help me refocus and become productive again.


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