Work, work, work…

Today was a pretty laid back day.

I ended up doing a couple of interviews this morning for an article I’m working on, and I made some headway on my next essay.

This afternoon, I worked on my photography and Photoshop courses, then did some more work on my essay, as well as doing some laundry.

This evening I ended up watching a couple episodes of ‘Charmed’ with Lynn, before heading out for a little better than an hour to do some wildlife photography.

I didn’t end up seeing too much, in the wildlife department. I got the hawk, above, and just missed out on a deer. I did catch a couple good shots of the bovine variety, though.

I also caught a cool shot of some clouds that rolled in while I was out.

I also got in touch with my local mental health unit, and ended up having an impromptu session with the therapist who is covering for mine, who is out on leave. By the sounds of it my therapist is going to be out until at least the end of August, and to further complicate things, the person covering is only covering for the month of July, and then someone new will be covering. UGH. I can’t say that I am overly impressed with how things are unfolding with the local mental health unit. I just wish that they would get their crap together. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it for the time being, so I will take what I can get. I have another appointment with the lady from today in two weeks, then follow up with M again in early August.

Tomorrow is looking like it’s going to be a bit busier. I have an appointment with the kinesiologist in the morning, then meet the covering pastor at 1315 to record this weeks devotional. If I get my crap together, I will be taking some photos down to the drug store in town as well. The owner has kindly allowed me to display and sell some prints down there.

Other than that, working on a couple of stories for the paper and making some more headway on the essay are going to be the days priorities, before taking Lynn to Halkirk for a birthday supper tomorrow night.


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