Running in the red…

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Today has been a day.

I was up and out relatively early, taking Willow to see the vet in Stettler. The vet ended up keeping her for a few hours so she could do some tests, which left me with time to kill. The good news is that the vet doesn’t believe the poor girl has another infection, however she does have crystals in her urine causing the blood, which is related to dehydration. We’re putting her on a wet-food diet for a couple of weeks to see if it helps.

Anyway, while Willow was at the vet I did some running around, picking up Lynn’s birthday present and some groceries at Walmart. I grabbed lunch at Subway, and ended up sitting at McDonalds having a coffee for 45 minutes until I got the phone call to go collect the darling.

On my way home from Stettler I realized that Halkirk’s Village Council was meeting tonight, so after I got home and got the groceries dropped off I grabbed a cat-nap before heading back for the meeting.

Once I got home from that Lynn and I went on a nice walk with Taffy and Rolo, because I needed to burn off some steam.

Today’s been a busy day, and I am definitely feeling it. Thankfully, tomorrow is a light day, with just my photography and Photoshop courses on deck, as well as the write up for the meeting tonight. Aside from that, I’ll probably get a couple hours in on my next assignment as well.

The last few weeks are definitely wearing on me. Looking back, I know I’ve been pushing way to close to my red-line. Still, the fact that I’ve survived it, and the ups and downs, tells me a lot about how far I have come. The fact that I can see that I need to back off some is a huge improvement over where I used to be. The trick is going to be backing off without coming to a complete stop. It’s all a matter of time management.


One thought on “Running in the red…

  1. Sounds like a good day,but it’s kept you busy!just don’t overdo,take care!πŸ‘πŸ˜


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