Yesterday and today have both ended up being pretty restful days.

I didn’t end up doing too much yesterday, trying to give myself a chance to unwind. Still, the day wasn’t without its productivity. I got some studying in for my university course, updated my website, and even managed to catch an episode of SEAL team that I’ve had on the Digital Video Recorder forever. I still have six others to watch.

Later in the evening, Lynn and I went for a drive in the country to see what we can spot for wildlife. Unfortunately, we didn’t come across any; however it was still a nice evening for a drive. On the plus side, I did manage a nice shot of the moonrise.

Today’s been a lazy day. I slept until 10 a.m, then got up and allowed myself some quiet time. I grabbed a few groceries then made lunch. I made our usual Sunday lunch fare, pancakes. The pancakes I make our from a recipe given to me by Lynn’s mom and some pancake cooking techniques given to me by my dad over the years.

After lunch I headed into the office to do some work, the blog post, and do some studying/research.

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