So, tonight I am feeling a little sore.

I was in Red Deer this morning for another pain management shot into my shoulder, this time into the bursae. The last couple of shots I had were just into the joint, not the specific sub-tissue that is causing me problems. I have to say, once the freeing came out at the injection site, things have started to hurt. Hell, a couple times the arm was actually throbbing, which is less than fun.

The last injection I had, I know I had discomfort at the injection site the day of, however when I woke up the next morning the discomfort was just about completely, but not quite, resolved, hence going in for the procedure today. The theory is that the shot into the bursae should help with the discomfort of the bursitis in the shoulder. I’m hoping that history repeats itself and I wake up significantly improved.

Otherwise, while I was in Red Deer I had an appointment with M today, which was good. I definitely left the session feeling significantly better than when I walked in. He worked with me on some ways to help push through this low I’m feeling, such as forcing myself through the fatigue and getting some physical activity, even if it’s only walking the dogs. We also talked about what things will look like going forward. Seeing as the situation is unstable at the Stettler mental health unit at the moment, he’s going to follow with me in three weeks, instead of four. We also talked about what the in-between is going to look like, and we reviewed when I see my family doctor next, and when or if I need to call Dr. M at the centre. I assured him I am not at that point yet, though if things don’t at least plateau, if not improve, I will be making the call. Despite everything I’ve been feeling over the last week, I left his office feeling a hell of a lot more optimistic than when I entered.

After I finished with my M, my ride picked me up, and we ran a couple more errands in the city before heading for home. The wounded wing began to hurt more and more as we drove, and by the time we got home I was very happy that I had someone with me. I probably could have done the drive myself if I had to, but it wouldn’t have been pleasant, and I’m glad I didn’t have to.

Tonight I’ve been icing the arm off and on while watching television, and the shoulder is starting to loosen up, though I definitely feel it if I do something stupid.

Tomorrow is going to be somewhat busy as well. I have to prep, and print, photos to sell at the farmers market on Thursday, and my well laid plan of getting things printed got torpedoed because I forgot Wednesday is a holiday. Also, Lynn has a couple appointments tomorrow so her and I are going to trade places at the store a couple times tomorrow, so I may just end up staying at the store for most of the day.


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