Productive days…

Today was a somewhat productive day.

In total, I managed to get a start on getting the lawn cut, worked on my Photoshop and Photography course, and managed some creative writing. After supper, Lynn and I watched a couple episodes of the old television series “Charmed” which we have been working through. I bought the series for Lynn for Christmas or a birthday years ago, and we have never had opportunity to watch it, so am glad we are finally able to. After the episodes of Charmed, once the lawn mower had charged up I was back outside finishing up.

I’m happy with how productive I have been able to keep myself lately. Even with an appointment in Red Deer yesterday, I managed to find a couple hours in the evening to work on that essay I’ve dragging my feet on. I finally got it revised, formatted, and submitted, so now I am on to assignment number 5, and I still have two and half months left to finish the course, so I am still making good time.

My creative writing project is beginning to take shape, currently sitting at around 18,000 words and 40 pages, making it the longest project I have worked on to date. My goal is to get the initial draft to 50 or 60 thousand words, then let it sit for a couple weeks while I work on something else before starting the revision process for the second draft. The project I’m working on his a detective novel, set within a fictional unit of the Calgary Police Service.

The. wounded wing is feeling a lot better. A friend took me into Red Deer yesterday for another injection in my bad shoulder. As bad as it felt after the assault on my body, this morning I woke up nearly pain free. I still feel it if I over reach or torque on the joint, but 99 per cent of the time I am now pain free. I am scheduled for a second injection into another part of the joint in two weeks, but they said that if this one does the trick I don’t have to go back, well, at least until the effects of this one wears off. We’ll see how the next week or ten days go before I make the final decision on that.

As far as my essay goes, I ended up doing a variation of what I initially intended to, with a few changes. I finally decided that the paralysis I had trying to get this essay done was not getting me anywhere, and considering it was only worth 15 per cent of my overall grade I decided that even if I do get a low mark on it, it’s not going to affect me that badly.

Other than the writing, I’ve been managing to get some photography in as well. Lynn and I did a run down to Drumheller on Sunday, and after we finished our errand there we headed a few kilometres west of town to Horseshoe canyon.

A Panoramic shot of Horseshoe Canyon from one of the observation platforms, June 14, 2020.

After Horseshoe Canyon, we headed north towards Stettler, and drove into a lightning storm. I tried to get some photos of the lightning, however only managed this one lightning shot.

Getting creative with my photography again has definitely helped lighten my mind and get me feeling more relaxed, as has the pain relief in the shoulder. I’m feeling good. I’m actually feeling somewhat calmer than I have in quite some time, though I have noticed that my mind has started racing a bit every now and again. Why that’s happening, I’m not sure, but it is definitely a symptom to keep track of.

Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a quieter day. I’m helping with a community project at the Community Hall tomorrow morning, then have my photography course tomorrow afternoon. Other than a couple articles I need to write, tomorrow is basically going to be a recovery day, before things get busy later in the week.

There is a youth rodeo running from Thursday to Sunday in Stettler that my editor has asked me to help- him out with, so I’m helping him out Thursday, Friday, and a bit on Saturday before I head to Edson to go visit my sister and her family. I’m heading up to do a photo session with her and the family, to practise my skills doing family photos and portraits, as well as help them get some up to date family photos.


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