Working hard but learning lessons…

Today was a busier day.

I was up and out early for a meeting. Surprisingly, I’ve found it easier to sleep the last couple of nights, which is allowing me to get up earlier without feeling really fatigued. I’m definitely feeling it later in the day though.

After the meeting, I joined Lynn for lunch at the store, where she is back to her regular hours.

After lunch, I headed home, and headed down to the basement for a workout on the treadmill. I haven’t been working out lately, and I am definitely feeling it. My pacing on the treadmill is showing it too. My plan is to get back on the treadmill every day, or every other day, for 20 to 30 minutes, just to start working on my conditioning again. I’d love to get back into the weights, however until I get back to the pain clinic for the injection, that ain’t happening. As is, by the time I was done I could barely move my neck or shoulder, it was locked up so tight.

After my workout, I grabbed a shower then settled into the office, and buried my head in a textbook all afternoon. I’m still working on the fourth module of my university English course. This course has been a slog, but I’m getting through it.

Despite the fact that I still have an article to write, I think I am going to relax tonight, for a few hours anyway. The paper for this week is done, so the article can keep another day or two.

I’m trying to work on my work-life balance. I know I am juggling quite a few things right now, between university, work, photography, and a couple other courses I’ve signed up for, but I know that making time for myself is also important. I know I can work hard, but I need to learn how to play hard too. I know things with Lynn have been suffering a bit. I haven’t been quite as present as either of us would like. Still, it’s something I’m aware of, and am going to work on.

Aside from feeling fatigued, I’m feeling good. I like the fact that I’m staying busy, I just need to make sure I don’t bury myself. I’m definitely looking at myself, and everything I am doing, through a much different lens than I used to. I’m thinking about things. I’m talking them over with others, and am being much less impulsive. I’m glad for it, but just hope that it maintains.


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