Photography road trip…

Today was busier than it felt, despite sleeping in.

I made pancakes for lunch for Lynn and I, then ended up cleaning my camera and lenses, because it had been awhile since it’s been done, and with the pets, their fur gets everywhere.

With that task completed, Lynn, Rolo, and I -Sorry Taffy!!-loaded into the explorer, and went on a road trip. I wanted to head into the east end of the county because I really haven’t spent a whole bunch of time exploring out that direction.

Our first stop was Burma Park, a campground run by the County of Paintearth in the north-eastern corner of the county. The campground was nice, complete with a couple of ball-diamonds and play structures, though the play structures were off limits due to the enduring pandemic we are still facing.

One thing that caught my eye at the campground was an old bridge, that’s basically been left abandoned. The deck of the bridge is topped with plywood, and things seem stable. It was open to the public, and seems like it would be an ideal fishing spot.

From Burma Park, we headed south and east, touring some of the back country. It’s very scenic out there, though there wasn’t a lot to take pictures of. That said I did find this old barn, in the next picture.

If the walls of that old barn could talk, I can imagine the stories that they could tell.

after our easterly swing, we followed the roads south, then west again, and passed through Brownfield into areas that I’ve been to more often. We passed by the pillars, which are all that remains of an uncompleted railroad through the region.

Continuing along the north edge of the county, we passed by another old bridge, this one still in use. I’ve taken pictures of it from the south side before, however today we head across and up the other side of the valley. The view from the top was not disappointing.

We headed home from that location, calling it a day. This evening we blitzed a few episodes of the television show “Castle,” which I still say is one of the best shows ever.

Despite tomorrow being a long weekend, tomorrow is looking like it’s going to be an office day, catching up on work, and school work.


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