Media Wednesday: Author Review; Richard Castle

Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle
in the ABC Television series ‘Castle”.

I’m a fan of crime fiction.

Michael Connelly and Jeffery Deaver especially. However, I’m currently reading an actual book written by a fictional character… Yes, I know that the last statement doesn’t make any sense but let me explain.

The fictional character who wrote the book is Richard Castle, the main character of the crime drama, Castle, which ran for eight seasons from 2009, and 2016. Richard Castle was played by Edmonton native Nathan Fillion.

The premise of the show was a little different for a police procedural. The main character, Castle was a famous author who had killed off his main character from his popular book series, and was on the hunt for a new main character to front a new series of books. His paths crossed with NYPD detective Kate Beckett in the series premiere, when Castle’s books had been used as inspiration for murder.

Once that case is solved, Castle uses his connections with the mayor to get himself assigned as a ride along to the detective’s homicide squad so he could use her as inspiration for his new character, Nikki Heat.

What does this have to do with book I’m reading, you may wonder? I’m getting there. During the first season of the show, Castle helps the homicide squad solve cases while taking notes on their activities, and he begins writing Heat Wave, the first book in the Nikki Heat series. Around the time in the series that the first book was released, as a tie-in to the show, the first Nikki Heat book hit the shelves in real life.

While Richard Castle is a fictional character, the Castle series script writer, Tom Straw, is not, and he did a fantastic job of bringing the humour of Fillion’s Castle to the written page. I’m not quite done the first book yet, but it has been a fantastic read so far, and is definitely an example of a media tie-in with a television series that was done write.

Each season of the series had a book tied into it, however with the success of the novels, ten books in total were released in the Nikki Heat series. In addition Castle’s Heat series, two of his Derrick Storm novels were released, as well as some graphic novels.

You definitely do not need to have seen the television show Castle to enjoy the books, however, if you’ve seen the series, it makes the already funny parts in the books that much funnier.

For fans of the crime fiction genre, I would definitely recommend Richard Castle as an author, even if he himself is a piece of fiction.


One thought on “Media Wednesday: Author Review; Richard Castle

  1. Hello Kevin I will have to check out that book. I am currently reading “Kraken” by China Miéville, recommended by Abby. It is Star Wars Gods Star Trek Cults wrapped up in a war in London. Heavy read but interesting. You have inspired me to go back into a blog I started in 2014, surprisingly it was still there, so check me out, yoga, inspiration, photography and poetry. I think you will find me Yoga with Deb.


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