Photography Friday: ACDSee

For image cataloging, I love ACDsee.

I was turned on to the software by Greg Johnson, the Tornado Hunter, in one of his two workshops I’ve taken.

The software allows you to go through photos fairly quickly, much more quickly than using Mac’s finder app. Using the software I am able to comb through hundreds of photos from a shoot, or my archives, in just a couple of hours.

ACDSee does have some photo editing abilities built into it, which I have not figured out yet, it also allows you to open the image, or images, you are working on in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom with one click of a drop down menu, making for rapid transitions between programs.

I know I still haven’t figured out the full extent that ACDSee can be used for cataloguing, but even using what I do has streamlined my workflow considerably. And for the main editing I need to do, I have my Adobe products, which I’m getting to know better.

If you are a photographer that takes any amount of pictures, ACDSee is a must have program.


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