An evening drive…

Today was a mix of work and play.

This morning I did some interviewing and article writing, then after lunch I went out to take some photos. I only ended up going out for an under an hour as the light was harsh and I didn’t end up coming upon any wildlife.

After I got back, I headed back into the office, working on part 1 of the two part unit I am working on for school, this time summary paragraph writing. I still have one more paragraph left to write before I can submit this unit of my course.

Once I finished up my goal for school, I dug into my book project, and completed another couple of pages on it. It’s coming slowly, but it is coming. I’m finding book writing is definitely a marathon, not a sprint.

After supper I headed back out to take some photos, and was rewarded with some great shots of a very photogenic hawk that was just hanging out on a farmers fence.

In addition to the hawk, I also managed to take my best moon shot yet.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come across much else in the way of cool shots, but what can you do? I’m definitely enjoying doing these evening shoots, taking advantage of the creamy light of the setting sun.

Tomorrow, I have a webinar that I signed up for in the morning, then more schoolwork.


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