keeping busy

For a quiet day, it sure felt busy; though most of the day was spent in the office.

I started off this morning by cleaning up and syncing my two external hard drives that I keep my photo archives on. As much as I love my MacBook, the one downside it has is the hard drive space, or lack thereof. At 250 Gig, the space gets chewed up pretty quickly with the photos I take, so I end up transferring the photos to two separate hard drives as a redundant backup, usually once a month.

After I finished that up, I did up a column for the paper that I’ve been procrastinating on for much too long. It ended up being a column touching on mental health and the fact that it is Mental Health Week in Canada. I touched on the fact that the increased exposure is of benefit to sufferers of mental illness, but that there is still a long way to go in eliminating stigma.

That project completed I grabbed lunch, then started on a couple hours worth of housework, fun fun; though I did reward myself with an hour of Red Dead Redemption when I was done.

After the gaming I was back in the office studying for a couple hours, followed by some television time with Lynn.

Overall it hasn’t been a bad day, though I have been struggling a bit mentally. The near constant ache in my shoulder from where I tweaked it on Saturday has not been helping my cheery disposition either. I’ve just been tired, grumpy, and basically just off. I’m glad I have the appointment with Dr. M on Thursday, though I am going to have to remember to talk to Dr. O about the wounded wing, especially if it doesn’t start settling on it’s own.


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