Feeling a bit better.

Today was a quieter day. On the plus side, I’ve been in a better mood, on the minus side, I didn’t sleep well last night, and I’ve been dragging ass all day.

Willow, the little bugger, didn’t help matters any, crying for her breakfast for twenty minutes straight when I had not exited the bedroom by nine a.m.

Still, once I got her fed and let the dogs out, I crawled back into bed for another half hour. Once I got up and functional, I ended up doing some work in the office, editing some photos that I took for a client last summer, then reposting them to my website.

I know I edited them last summer before I posted them for the client the first time, however, I’ve got just about a year of experience in Photoshop and Lightroom since then, and I was able to do a significantly better job this time around.

After lunch I laid down in bed for a bit, then Lynn and I ended up continuing our Castle marathon. Despite the fatigue, I can tell that today is a significantly better day, as I spent some time in the office this evening, reading a creative exercises book and doing some work on my fiction project, the one that I apparently haven’t touched in two weeks. Oops.

Tomorrow, I have actual work to do. My editor at the paper asked me to cover a football story coming out of the CFL with regional ties, and since he isn’t very knowledgeable about football he asked me to cover it. I’ve also been promising him another column which I’ve been procrastinating on, which I should get to doing. And of course, the list of household chores never seems to get any shorter, so tomorrow is looking like a full day.

The next few weeks should be interesting though. I’ve registered for a variety of webinar’s I’ve found online. A couple of them are actually free ones I’ve found, through my affiliation with the Writers Guild of Alberta, and some I am paying for. The ones I am paying for are through the photographer I’ve done a couple workshops with. He’s been offering a series of video lessons, covering topics ranging from action photography, to portraiture to shooting weddings. They’re all reasonably priced, and he is limiting the classes to five students in each so it’s very close to a one on one experience with the master himself.

I’m looking forward on working on my skills and really making a push to get my photography business going once the lockdown lifts. Our province started a staged reopening beginning on May 1, and some retail is expected to reopen around May 14, as long as the rate of virus growth remains consistent, or continues to slow.

I personally am looking forward to things getting back to some semblance of normal, though I know we are a long way from that. Sadly, with the effect this virus has had the world, I don’t think things will ever go completely back to where they were. Still, approaching normal would be nice.


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