Getting through this pandemic with patience…

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This shutdown continues, with no end in sight, thanks to the Covid 19 Pandemic gripping the world.

I know many people are advocating for the loosening of the restrictions that are in place so that the economy can be reopened and people can quit being confined to their homes.

I know many people advocate that since the virus will only kill one to two per cent of the population, the risks for individuals is low, and people feel these restrictions we face are over the top.

The arguments may seem sound on the surface, but going deeper they are less so.

The fact is, if every person on the globe were to become infected with the virus, the fatalities would number around 160 million, and the number of people sick would overwhelm health care systems already stretched thin. It’s already been proven how easily spread this virus is, and if the health systems collapse, how many more people would die due to lack of treatment? I’m guessing that the number would surge over the two per cent of already fatal cases.

Another fact is, the leaders around the world botched the response to this pandemic to begin with, yet they still shut things down in time to reduce the spread. Despite their failings, they did learn a few things from the SARS pandemic in the early 2000s.

I keep hearing how we are in an unprecedented time, and I don’t agree with the statement. There is precedent, however not many of us have been here to witness it. The measures that are in place today are not dissimilar to the measures that were in place for the Spanish Flu pandemic back around 1918.

The measures in effect back then were in place for several years, because when the numbers started going down the measures were relaxed, and then the second wave hit, causing more fatalities to the global population than the World War One.

We are in the first wave of our current pandemic. How we respond to it will dictate the severity of the second and subsequent waves until a vaccine is found.

I don’t like the fact that we are in this lock down. It genuinely frightens me what is going to happen to the economy if things stay locked down, but I’m also looking at the human cost. I personally believe that human lives are more important than the economy, though it comes a close second.

The reality is, if I were to become afflicted by the virus it might not kill me, but I could transfer it to someone whom it does and that is not something I am personally willing to live with. If keeping things locked down for a bit longer can help curb the spread, I’m all for it. In the meantime when I do go out, I will make sure I wash my hands and keep my distance from people. This “new normal” is not a permanent thing.

We can make it through this.


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