No post yesterday as the day got away from me.

Lynn and I took a drive North of Castor to drop some groceries off for a friend in a neighbouring community, and I stopped on some of the back roads to take some photos on the way there and back.

We ended up and stopping for a brief visit with our friend as well. I know we are supposed to be social distancing, but the human contact was definitely nice, and we did take take precautions, such as no touching, and kept over six feet away from each other to minimize risk.

The human connection was nice, and I managed to get some good photos as well, such as this goose.

If you look closely at the photo of the old homestead, you can just make out a crow sitting on its roof.

Along the way we also found someone’s creative streak with these metal sculptures that are on display on the side of the road, which I had to stop and get pictures of.

After we made it home, we fed the animals supper, then took the two dogs for a walk, before settling in in front of the television to watch a couple episodes of the old series Castle, which we have started rewatching on DVD.

So far, today has been quiet. I played some Red Dead Redemption 2, made a batch of peanut butter cookies, and processed photos and did some playing in photoshop, working on reinforcing my skills.


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