Keeping busy in spite of the circumstances

Not that I was out of the house much today, but it was another somewhat busy day, at least office wise.

I ended up writing two articles and column for my local paper, as well as attending a photography business management webinar that I found that was being offered for free, and taking some photo’s of what my community is calling an emergency services “light-up” which saw a variety of first responder vehicles parade through town with their sirens on as a way to acknowledge the extraordinary work that is being done by doctors, nurses, and seniors care centre workers in our community, and across the country.

Despite being busy, I did carve some time out this afternoon and fired up the Playstation for a bit, which is not something I have done very much of lately. In fact I think the last time I fired it up was on Sunday when Lynn and I were playing Lego Marvel Heroes.

I ended up loading into Red Dead Redemption 2 and messing around with a couple of missions. I still say that the game is as close to perfect as any game has come, no matter the system. I know I still haven’t done a game review of “Star Wars :Jedi Fallen Order ” yet, but it is definitely on my to do list.

Mentally, I’m doing okay. I’m tired, and getting tired of the social distancing measures, however I am still succeeding in keeping to my routine and keeping my mind active. I’ve barely had a twitch as far as my suicidal thoughts or self harm go, which I am grateful for, because that is one more problem I don’t need right now.

The weekend is going to be pretty low key, probably playing some more Playstation and studying, as I seem to be caught up with my work activity for the time being.

Thanks everyone for tagging along.


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