Hoping we emerge from this with lessons learned…

Today has been busy.

I took some photos for a couple of news stories I am working on, and finished two stories based on my community’s town council meeting last night, with two more waiting to be done, and a couple more to be done once I get a response to some emails I sent out.

Things are different than they were a few weeks ago, but I am happy that things are starting to move again, and that I am getting busier. It’s still not as busy as I was, but I will take what I can get for the moment. I’m also happy that things are a little bit slower, allowing me time to work on my school assignments.

I am just working on finishing the second of six modules for my current course, and my latest assignment is a rhetorical analysis paragraph; a type of writing I have never done before. I still have a little bit of work to do on it, but I will be ready for it’s midnight Friday due date, then I can start working on the third unit. I have until September first to be done the course and write the final exam, though once I am past the current unit, things should progress more quickly.

Mood and motivation wise, things continue to ebb and flow. Some days are definitely better than others, but under the circumstances I am doing better than expected. I am skin-picking more than I would like, but aside from that I am not self harming, nor have I been suicidal, which considering my stress levels, has been a miracle in itself.

All of that said, I am not comfortable. I am far from it. The fear of the future scares the hell out of me right now, because the fact is, I have no idea what’s going to happen. Nobody does, we are in a period that is unprecedented in my generation, and that uncertainty scares the hell out of me.

Things are going to be different going forward. The economic climate is going to be different. The very act of socializing is going to be different.

However, like the world got through the “Spanish Flu” pandemic in the early 1900’s, the world will get through this, I just hope and pray that when we do we remember the lessons that are learned: that it is not the CEOs, entertainers, or athletes keeping the world running, but the people on the frontlines, the doctors, the nurses, the truckers, the retail staff stocking our grocery stores, they are the ones that matter.


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