Happy Easter…

Today, in the Christian calendar, we celebrate Jesus Christ beating death and resurrecting from the grave, four days after having been crucified on the cross, in the process absolving human-kind of their sin.

Easter is a special time of year, usually one of family and friends on a three-day long weekend. Instead, in 2020 we are on our own, on an enduring weekend with no end in sight, thanks to the pandemic.

Lynn and I safe at home for the holiday, but we are definitely missing getting together with her mom, either here or at her place. However, the less we are out of the home, the less opportunity there is for us to catch the bug, or pass it on.

The “social distancing” and isolation suck, however the more contained we, and everyone, keep themselves the shorter these extreme measures will have to be in place, at least in theory anyway.

I know that the distancing is getting old for me, but I am doing what I can to lay low, and stay away from people, reducing the risk of contagion to myself, to Lynn, and to the community as a whole. I look forward to the day that we can break the distancing measures once and for all, however that day is not today, and I will abide by the measures as much I can. I will continue to sharpen my skills and take advantage of the down time.

Today, even though we are not spending the time with loved ones, it does not remove the fact that the holiday is today, and even though we are in isolation, we can spend the day in quiet reflection, thankful to God that we are safe in our homes, while this pandemic rages.


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