Gone too soon: Rest In Peace Sirius…

Sirius is gone, less than a week after receiving the cancer diagnosis.

He started having trouble breathing Monday night, we called the vet on Tuesday, and she came out on Wednesday morning. We tried some medications to help make him comfortable, to no effect, and just after midnight last night Sirius collapsed and stopped breathing.

The vet came out last night and confirmed that he was gone, and took him so we can get him cremated.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around everything. I don’t understand how we can find out he has cancer on the weekend, and lose him less than a week later. It’s not fair, we barely got to say goodbye. He was there, and now he’s gone.

It’s so senseless.

I already miss his licks, and the drumming of his tail against the door when he wagged really happily. I miss his playful grin, and the way he would bring us toys when we are upset. It’s not fair. We should have had more time.

Sirius, I miss you buddy. Keep aunty Brenda company in heaven until we get to see you again. I love you bud. Mom and I both miss you.


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