I am absolutely gutted tonight.

This morning I received a phone call from the vet who removed the mass from Sirius’ mouth just over a week ago, and it was not good news.

The mass they removed was a very aggressive cancer. After speaking with her colleagues, the vet said that without treatment Sirius may have six months to live. With treatment that time is extended to maybe eighteen months.

Lynn and I are both completely heartbroken with this news.

The vet doesn’t know far the cancer has progressed, but it was very unlikely that they removed it all when they took the mass out. Further testing is required to see how far it has progressed, which Lynn and I aren’t sure if we want to put him through, especially when the answers won’t change the inevitable.

The thought of having to say goodbye to Sirius is nearly beyond comprehension. He’s been a constant in our life for nearly ten years, and he’s been a great dog, and one of the best friends a guy can have.

Hold your fur-kids tight, because you never know when the end will draw near. I do know that Sirius will be a spoiled puppy for the time he has left on earth.


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