Weathering the storm…

Tonight, I find myself in a contemplative mood.

I found out today that the paper is struggling today, due to ad revenue fleeing because of the pandemic. According to the letter from the publisher, if things don’t change, the paper may not survive through to the other side of this.

It has me considering my options, and my future. Ideally I want to stay writing for the paper as long as I can, but being honest, local journalism was on life support long before this pandemic hit. It may be just enough to finish it off. I hope that’s not the case.

I love the writing I do for the paper. I love the flexibility it allows me, I love the people I deal with, and I love the fact that it pays for me to take pictures as well as write. I feel that God put me on this path for a reason, and that nothing has happened by accident. I’m meant to be where I am, so what happens if I don’t do this anymore?

I have this blog, so I will continue writing. I have other projects I want to do as well. I’ve been toying with the idea of actually fleshing out a fiction piece for quite some time now, I just never seem to make time to write it. I also have the option of expanding my photography business, and the ability to dabble some more in graphic design.

For now, it is business as usual. The editor and I are going to keep doing the work to keep the Stettler and Castor newspapers going. Reading the publishers letter was a wake-up call though. I am fortunate I do not need the paycheque I get from the paper, but it is a job that gives me a sense of purpose. I just need to diversify my income some, find some other revenue streams that will allow me to keep working on my schooling, as well as continue giving me that sense of purpose.

That said, I’m not folding up my tent just yet. We’ve been hit with the double-tap of decreasing ad revenue and lack of content because everyone is on lock down due to the pandemic, yet the paper is still printed weekly, and news is still happening in the community, so I will be covering it as best I can. Otherwise we’re just battening down the hatches and working o riding through this storm.


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