Maintaining in adversity…

A bit of work and a bit of education were my day today.

I ended up having a telephone interview for an article I was writing, and aside from that I ended up going through online photography workshops that are offered by Greg Johnson on his Camera Easy website. With everyone across the country being cooped up at home he opened up the website so anyone can sign in and use the site without paying for it.

I was partially successful in my bid to get up and workout this morning; I ended up sleeping in, but still managed to get an workout in this afternoon, which felt nice. I also called Dr. M at the centre today, but I haven’t heard back yet. I honestly doubt that the admission is going to happen as scheduled, especially under the circumstances that we are currently dealing with.

I’m oddly okay about it. I’m doing fairly well at the moment. I’m active, have energy, and my thoughts are nowhere near as dark as they have been. It feels like the world is burning, but I am maintaining.

As long as I can keep myself focused and busy over the next few days and weeks, I think I will be able to maintain. I’ve got regular check-in’s scheduled with M, and B said I can always call him too if things go south.

I have a plan and skills to get through this mess. I’m hoping Dr. M gets back to me and we can put together a longer term plan for going forward, but that is a trouble to look at another day.

I think tomorrow is going to look very similar to today, doing some writing and some more photography brush ups. If the weather is decent later in the week I may take my social isolation mobile and head into the back country on my own and see what I can find for wildlife to take pictures of.


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