Yesterday was an interesting day…

I ended up getting notified of a last minute meeting at the county’s municipal office, which considering Lynn and I were scheduled to take Sirius to Red Deer around noon, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to attend. After assurances that it would a short meeting, I attended, then headed home to get ready for Red Deer.

Sirius and Rolo running in the hills Northeast of town, Fall 2019.

The reason for the Red Deer trip was Sirius has had a growth in his mouth since at least January, which has been starting to bug him, and after consulting with our local vet, she recommended the veterinary hospital in Red Deer.

I have to say for the record that the vets and staff at Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital are phenomenal. The vet took a few minutes to get to know Sirius before examining him, and talked us through everything step by step. They were even able to take him in for the required procedure the same day, resulting in one less trip to the city.

The city was surreal. I can not remember a time that I have seen traffic so light in Red Deer during the week. Many stores were closed, and the city had an overall eerie vibe to it. Even Chapters, which is our usual go time time waster when we have to wait in Red Deer, was closed due to Covid-19. We ended up stopping at Booster Juice for snacks, and sat in the car for a couple of hours before finding out that Sirius tolerated the procedure well, but due to the anesthetic wouldn’t be ready for pick up for another couple hours.

We found one restaurant that was open to customers dining in, so we went for supper and wiled away more time.

During our adventures we ended up stopping at Walmart for a few pet necessities, and I ended up picking up a decently-priced copy of Star Wars Fallen order for my Playstation 4. Expect a game review sometime in the next few days, but so far I am finding it very good. Gameplay reminds me a bit of the Uncharted series.

Anyways, we ended up picking poor Sirius up from the hospital around 1900hrs, and made our way home. He tolerated the trip alright, and was more than happy to get some food into him, though at the recommendation of the vet we ended up only giving him a quarter of his normal food last night, which was supplemented by about the same this morning.

I’m at the store today. At least for the time being we are remaining open amid this Covid-19 mess. Tomorrow I’m likely going to be heading into the back country to do some shooting, for a couple hours anyway.

I’m feeling a lot better than I did at the start of the week; but, I still have had a bit of nagging fatigue which has been making it difficult to get motivated to get back into my gym. I have to say though, that with everything closing amidst this virus, I am very grateful that I have the equipment to workout at home. I just need to get the motivation back to get back down there.


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