Getting by with a bit of inconvenience…

Today has been another quiet day.

I let myself sleep in again, trying to kick the remainder of this bug I’ve been fighting, and aside from heading out to grab groceries haven’t been up to much.

I’ve done a bit of gaming, rendering the world of Farcry 5, and also did some grocery shopping, and otherwise I’ve just been laying pretty low.

I did find out today that due to my recent symptoms I am not attend the council meeting tonight, but that they will get the information to me so I can pass it on to the public.

It’s frustrating, but I see their point.

As far as how my health is doing, I’m feeling a bit better everyday. The headache is virtually gone, and everything else is returning to normal. About all I am continuing to deal with is fatigue and some residual body aches concentrated in my right, and already bad, shoulder.

Looking at the symptoms I was dealing with, I’m pretty confident that I got hit with a mild flu, and not this bug touring the planet.

Regardless of whether it was the bug or a flu, my immune system did taker a hit, so I don’t think I’ll be venturing out into the public anymore than I absolutely have to, at least for a few days. That’s all I, or anyone, really can do until this pandemic burns itself out. Well, that and maintaining proper hygiene and distance from people….but one would hope in this day and age that would go without saying.

Regardless, I am just happy that I am on the mend after a few days of recovery. I’m debating if I tempt fate and push myself back into my workout routine tomorrow, or give it another day. Whatever I decide with the workout, I’m glad I’ve had a few days to unwind and get into some gaming again, though I think tomorrow I am going to get myself back into some routine of office time.

I still do have that fiction project to work on, which I haven’t worked on in forever, as well as a couple of hobby pieces for the weekend. In addition, with things grinding to a halt across the region, the editor and I are going to have to scrounge to keep content in the paper for a few weeks.

However, it is what it is, and I am optimistic that as long as people do not lose their cool and follow the guidance we are given by health authorities we will all make it through this mess with nothing but some inconvienience.


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