Recovery and interesting times…

This bug I’m battling managed to land a punch, but I think I’m riding through it okay.

Up to this point the fever only lasted a few hours on Saturday, and aside from some nasty body aches last night and today, I’m feeling a lot better. The headache I’ve been battling since Saturday is almost gone as well, just a little bit of a lingering effect.

Today, was quiet. I let myself sleep in and rest to let my battle keep fighting this bug. I caught up on a couple chores around the house and taught myself a new photography technique that allows me to introduce a very neat light flare into photos called “lens whacking.”

The technique uses a DSLR lens held up to the camera body, but not actually attached, which lets extra light hit the sensor for some flaring. None of the photos I took today are worth sharing, but the next time I practise the technique I will share some photos.

Lynn and I were discussing going to the movies tonight -while our local theatre is still open during this pandemic mess- but with the fact that I’ve been fighting some sort of bug we….she talked me into giving it another 24 hours before venturing to far out into public.

I can tell I’m perking up, I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a bit of Cabin Fever, but especially with this pandemic tearing through the world I guess cautiousness is prudent. Tomorrow I will be going out though, I need to get Lynn’s meds and some groceries.

Despite the uptick in energy, I’m still playing out quickly, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to get myself back into the workout routine after the gains I made last week. Damn being sick.

Aside from the groceries tomorrow, my town council has called a special meeting of council for tomorrow night which I should probably be at, likely to discuss the pandemic.

We are definitely living in interesting times.


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