Good and bad…

The ride-along I was supposed to be doing with our local ambulance crew didn’t end up happening.

Because of the COVID-19 cases in the province our provincial health authority ended up suspending the entire ride-along program.

I’m taking it as both a good and bad thing.

It’s good because I was worrying about how I would react to being on ambulance again after so long, and this gives me extra time to heal before I put myself into that situation. It’s also good because I ended up having a lot going on this week and really couldn’t afford the time away.

It’s bad because I had psyched myself up for it, and now it’s not happening, at least not for awhile. It’s also bad because I thought the story would be good for the paper, the public, and the service.

All is not lost, however. I did still end up having an hour conversation with the crew that I was supposed to ride with, and should still be able to put together a story based on that interview. Besides, with not doing the ride-along, it gives me more time to get my other work done.

Work has been going good. I’ve been busy, and am still playing catch up from some meetings that occurred earlier in the week. Today, I’m covering court in Stettler as well, then I have some events to cover this weekend.

I’ve been continuing to get up at six a.m, and I am enjoying the quiet of the early morning as I get some work and my workout done. I seem to be adjusting to the low-intensity workouts again, and am planning to start bumping up the intensity in another few days.

The only other real concern I have right now is my impending admission that Dr. M. said he would do. With all of this COVID-19 stuff going on, I can definitely see a non-urgent admission, like mine, being put off indefinitely. I’ll deal with it when and if it happens, I just hope that I’m able to maintain my moods so I don’t end up having to go in later as an emergency admission. Again, no sense looking for trouble.

I made it through this last dip none-the-worse-for-wear, and that tells me a lot about how I am doing. Whether the admission is delayed or not, I think I’ve got this.


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