A battle in the war…

I am currently sitting at one of the longest writing streaks that I’ve had, having done a blog daily for the last 28 days.

With my fitness regime, I’m sitting at 4 days straight, which is the longest streak I’ve had in quite awhile, though I am still keeping at my low intensity workouts for the time being.

I’m also on the third day of tracking my calories using the Fitbit app, which is something that helped me lose weight last year.

However, there is one streak that people who battle with mental health issues never give enough credit: the streak of survival.

Despite the traumas, I have made it through 100 per cent of the tough times I’ve had in my life. They haven’t always been easy, but I’ve made it through. That is a fact that I do not focus on when I do struggle, and that is something I need to remind myself of.

I need to remind myself too, that the highs and lows I deal with are a cycle. I ebb and flow in a fairly predictable pattern, though when I am struggling it’s hard to remind myself of that. When I am bad it feels like the worst I’ve ever felt. Regardless of the number of times I’ve been through the cycle, it is easy to forget.

My current trends tell me I am definitely on the upswing, and I managed to get through it without a hospitalization, which I feel is something to be proud of. There is still work to be done, though. This last stretch has been but a battle in the war.


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