Looking forward to routine…

I’ve been busy over the past week, and I’m feeling it.

My energy has still been such that I am managing to make it through the day and get done what I need to, but I haven’t had much energy for anything else.

That’s been the frustrating part. I continue to lose the war with the battle of the bulge, and I’m definitely feeling the extra weight I’m carrying.

Still, despite the fatigue and extra weight, I think things are going good. I’ve written some fairly impactful stories this week, stories having a bigger punch than just my local area ones I have been doing. I’m feeling like hell because I haven’t been exercising or watching my diet, but I’ve been active with the theatre group, and work.

Even though I’ve been through a rough patch over the last few weeks, I am punching through it, none the worse for wear.

What I’m dealing with isn’t permanent, and the theatre only has two shows left before it turns into a memory for another year. Once theatre is done I will have the opportunity to take a step back, and get myself reorganized.

I know I’ve been saying it for weeks, but I need to get myself back into a regular workout routine. Not doing it is not an option.

I need to redirect focus on my studies, and work is getting busier as well. I know I can balance everything, I just need to keep making small changes until things are running efficiently, then I’ll need to keep making changes to stay there.

The fact is, we are not static creatures. I know I am not. What works for me one day may not work for me as effectively the next. The key for me, and many others, is making small changes. A bunch of small decisions can have a big effect on someone.

Eating the protein versus eating the carbs. Playing Playstation versus hopping on the treadmill. A bunch of small decisions can have a big impact, and that is what I need to focus on.

I have two shows left, then my schedule starts getting back to normal, well as normal as it can be as a reporter. I’ve loved spending the time working on the play this year, but I am equally glad that it is winding down. It’s been a great experience that I would consider doing again, but for now I need to get myself back into a regular routine that involves taking better care of my diet and more exercise. It will come.


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