Letting go…

I’m feeling stressed out due to events totally beyond my control.

Our elected provincial government is working on balancing the books and saving money, which I agree with, however the way they are going about it scares the hell out of me, particularly the changes they are making to health care.

They have delisted procedures, they have cut doctors pay, and have quit covering some medications for those on income assistance.

I don’t know if the cuts are responsible for H’s abrupt departure from Stettler Mental Health, but with all these cuts that are happening in the system I worry that the plan that Dr. M and I worked out will be for naught. I worry that due to the changing of the pay structure for doctors, our community will lose one, maybe both of it’s physicians, leaving those in our rural Alberta community without care.

I know I am not the only one to have these fears, as social media has exploded with outrage at the proposed cuts. The government’s response is “be patient.”

I’m trying to be patient, but consider I do deal with anxiety, none of this is helping. I finally felt like I was on the right track with my health, with the care I’ve been receiving, and now it feels like it could all be gone on a politician’s whim, and that has me freaked out.

However, as I said, there is literally nothing I can do about any of this. These decisions are all made by people who have no clue what it’s like to deal with medical issues.

It goes back to the concept of climbers living in a three-foot world. I need to focus on what I can change, and let go of everything else, or I am going to drive myself nuts with worry.

Right now, what I can focus on is family, work, school, and the last two shows of our theatre project. Everything else is irrelevant.


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