Pushing through the fatigue and keeping busy…

Today has been interesting.

I started this morning off conducting an interview with my town’s two doctors, then headed down to the store and had lunch with Lynn.

When I got home, I had a chat with my editor in regard to the interview this morning then headed onto the treadmill for a workout.

The working out is something I have been failing at spectacularly as of late. I’ve been finding lately that I’ve had enough energy to get done what I need to around the house and for work and school, however mustering up the extra energy for a workout, let alone anything else, has been a challenge.

That challenge has unfortunately led my weight to trend in the wrong direction, and has necessitated another increase in my blood sugar med. At least that’s an option.

Mood wise, I continue to feel a bit better. The fatigue is a pain in the ass, however at least the darkness has abated somewhat. I did attempt to reduce the one med that the doctor put me on as an interim basis, however after a couple days I ended up reintroducing. I was hoping to drop it back to the once in the evening instead of .5 in the morning and 1 in the evening, just due to it’s sedating effect, however I would rather deal with a bit of sedation than the racing thoughts I was having. There are times I really hate my mind…

Despite the fatigue I’ve been feeling, I’ve been managing to push through and keep getting things done, so that is something.

The rest of today is steady. I need to do some studying this afternoon, as well as some more work, then performance number six of our theatre production takes place tonight, with the show concluding with shows Friday and Saturday nights.

The rest of the week is setting up to be busy. I’ve got a couple of major stories I’m working, as well as taking photos at a full day event at the hospital tomorrow. In addition to being tied up most of the day at the hospital, I have an appointment with M at noon, and then a coffee with a friend at three. As long as I’m not totally bagged I’m going to go see Bad Boys for Life tomorrow night with a different friend, though I may go on my own even if he can’t make it.

Thursday, I am set up with my photography as well as some odds and ends from the store at the farmers market, then another meeting that afternoon before another event that evening. Friday I’m in the store for my usual shift, and Saturday I think I get to take easy. Needless to say, it’s shaping up to be a busy week.


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