Working on time management…

With five shows down, we have passed the half way point of this year’s theatre run.

The show has been going good and I have been enjoying my role doing the AV for the production, but I think I’m looking forward to the show wrapping too. Things are getting busier, and it’s just one more thing drawing on my attention.

I know that I am handling things reasonably well mentally, however physically I am feeling tired, almost drained. I’ve had myself so spread out lately that things that are important are getting neglected, such as some of the house work and my fitness regime. I’m definitely feeling the lack of fitness, and that combined with my diet lately has lead to my weight moving in the wrong direction.

Especially with work getting busier and the new course starting, I need to re-establish my time management skills, so that I can have a well-balanced, rounded life. I need to make fitness a priority -again- and I need to do the hard work that is coming along with my course. I did well in my previous course, and I need to continue that trend, but it won’t happen without hard work.

Today is a rare day where I have nothing scheduled, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a slow day. Today I’m planning to get some of the housework done that I’ve been neglecting, work on my course, and do some research for a story I’m working on, and get on the treadmill again.

The other thing I can’t forget is to take some time for myself either. If I don’t look after me, I won’t be any good to Lynn or anyone else, including myself. I don’t know that I will have time for self care today, but I am planning on going to the movie later this week to check out the new Bad Boys movie with a friend, so there is that.


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