A few small changes…

Yesterday was a mixed type of day.

Mood-wise, the day was good. Work wise, not so much.

I was in Stettler covering court yesterday morning. Covering court is definitely interesting. It’s interesting seeing how the justice system in this country works. Unfortunately with the two hours I was there, I came away without a single story to write on, but such is life.

After court I headed over to the Independent office to do some work, call a contact for an interview, and meet with the editor.

Coincidentally, I happened to be in the office at the same time as my editor’s boss was paying the office a visit, and he talked to her about making better use of me. She said that there is no budget to bring me on as a staff member, even in a part time capacity, she did give my editor permission to use me around the area more, in Stettler, Castor, and points in between.

It sounds like my editor is going to ease me into covering more Stettler stories over the next month or two, however he’s already given me a regular monthly assignment for the community.

I have to admit, I’m happy for this change.

The nice thing about the way this is being done is that as a freelancer, and not an employee, it will give me a certain amount of autonomy in stories that I can say yes or no to, so that I might work on my photography and school, as well as give me the time to deal with my mental health when I am struggling.

That said, I am looking forward to the extra responsibility.


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