Movie Review: “The Rise of Skywalker.” (Spoilers)

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Lynn and I recently went to see the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga, “The Rise of Skywalker.”

I wanted to like the movie, and it was definitely the best of the new trilogy, that said, I feel that the movie fell short over what it could have been.

The acting was solid, but the story made no sense for the most part; even for a Star Wars movie that is.. The movie seemed more intent at providing nods of nostalgia in lieu of closing out the saga in a proper way.

The movie found our heroes several years after the events of “The Last Jedi,” and somehow, inexplicably, emperor Palpatine had returned to the universe, and was raising a fleet of Star Destroyers capable of destroying planets, and he want to take Kylo Ren under his wing as an apprentice Sith.

Anyone with even a passing recollection of the previous chapters in the series would recall that the emperor died in the second Death Star after he was thrown down a shaft into the power core, where he was vaporized. I could understand him coming back as a force ghost, however coming back in person…that’s messed up even for Star Wars.

That and the reveal that Rey was Palpatine’s grandaughter? Say what? It does explain Luke and Leia’s reaction to her in the previous movies, but again seems over the top.

Like I said, I wanted to like this movie; however, as a long time fan of the series that was started before I was born, I can’t.

I was hoping that the Skywalker Legacy would close out with a bang, instead it barely managed a whimper. I give it 2/5.


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