Work and self-care…

Today is definitely off to a rough start.

I do not feel like I slept at all well last night, and this morning I am dragging ass. Despite that though, I have already managed to get some work done, and set up a meeting for later on this morning.

My goals for today are to have the meeting, get some treadmill time in, and work on the pre-reading for next course.

I’ve been getting frustrated with myself that I have been struggling getting back into a semi-regular workout routine like I used to have. Since I have been struggling to maintain one I shortening my goals.

Instead of jumping right into the routine I was doing, risking overtraining or injury, since I’ve been so sporadic with my workouts I’m going to try and get back to basics, doing twenty minutes a day on the treadmill followed by some light stretches, then once I have been successful with that I will start re-introducing the weights and the increased distances.

I’m hoping that I can build things up to the point where I was last summer, averaging 12k steps a day. That will be a significant bump over the 7-8k I have been doing recently.

I know I need to get back into a consistent fitness regime, though I know my struggles with depression of late have not helped matters any. It’s hard exercising when your mind is wiped out from the war in your own head.

However, my moods seem to be improving little by little. Despite the fatigue I’m feeling this morning, today I am actually feeling okay, mood-wise. Just bloody exhausted.

Today is going to be a mix of work and self care, then Lynn and I head to Red Deer tonight to go see a show called “Celtic Illusion,” some sort of magic and dance show at Westerner Park. It Should be good.


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