Time Management and Excuses

I try to write something every day.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in this blog, in my journal, or writing articles for the paper, I try to do something everyday to further the mastery of my craft. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but I try to do something.

There is multiple reasons for challenging myself this way.

First, I know I am still new to this world, and I have a lot left to learn. The only way I will get better is by consistently doing. The same can be said for building my photography skills. The only way I will get better is by consistently practising and reenforcing the skills.

Secondly, doing something every day takes discipline. It is way easier to not do something than it is to do. The discipline required to practice my craft every single day is uncomfortable.

“I’m tired.”

“I’ll do more tomorrow.”

“I’m too busy doing other things.”

These are all excuses that I have come up with in the past, and continue to do so on occasion today. Too be fair, having a busy day doing other things can be a fair excuse, but still, time needs to be found to do what is important.

A former US Navy SEAL and motivational speaker I follow on social media by the name of Jocko Willink actually speaks about excuses, and actually equates them to lies you tell yourself. The thing is, he’s not wrong.

While I’ve struggled to find my motivation to work out, I came to realize that the excuses I come up with are wrong. I wasn’t too busy. I didn’t not have the time. I came to realize that I wasn’t MAKING the time. I had the time, I just wasn’t making the best use of it that I could.

The fact is, there are twenty-four hours in a day. Period. Full-stop. We don’t get more, we don’t get less. It’s how we make use of that time determines our success or failure.

Full disclosure, I’ve slipped the last couple of days with my workout routine. I’m not considering the slip a failure though, because sometimes resting IS making the best use of time. I know I need to have a balance in my life, otherwise I know that my mind will go off the rails. That is the joy of dealing with a mental illness.

That said, even though I have let myself rest for a couple of days, I have been making the most of my time. Yesterday I spent the day working on my photography and studying for my course final exam. Last night I covered an event in our neighbouring community. This morning I spent at church, then went for our usual lunch with the crew. This afternoon I went to the movie with Lynn then came back to practise with the theatre group.

I’m not down on myself for missing the workouts for a couple days, because in all honesty, I have been tired and obviously needed the extra rest. I’m also not down on myself because I’ve kept moving forward. I’ve gotten a lot done for my photography business and for my school. I’m also spending time with Lynn, who I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with lately. I’m making use of my time.

Tomorrow, I get back into the routine after a couple days of rest.


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